At Westgarth, when government set restrictions allow, every child has the chance to access enriching experiences through a variety of ways. Some opportunities are whole-school initiatives, while others are focussed on small groups or individuals. Extra-curricular clubs provide opportunities for pupils to encounter a range of experiences and pursue their personal interests. These can be held at lunch times or after school. Enrichment events, such as the Science Fair, Christmas Market and themed open days, allow pupils to share their rich learning experience with adults at home and provide further opportunities to build pupils’ enthusiasm around curriculum subjects. Motivating, interesting and educational visitors are also welcomed at Westgarth and widen pupils’ experience and understanding of the world in which they live. At Westgarth, we also provide meaningful visits that are organised to enrich the pupils’ learning. Previous visits have included visits to Beamish Museum, the theatre, Peat Rigg, Harry Potter Studios and Edinburgh. Residential visits in particular support our pupils in developing their independence, resilience, respect and understanding of global care while away from home.