Internet Safety

Internet safety is important at Westgarth. The Internet is a fantastic resource and can help children to learn, but it is important to use it properly and safely. 


At Westgarth we work continuously with the children to raise awareness of e-safety. Through our curriculum, assemblies and class projects, we strive to make sure that our pupils are responsible digital citizens. Children are taught how to use the internet safely, but to also realise that they will encounter situations which may call upon them to use their knowledge and respond correctly.

If you have any questions or concerns about e-safety then please contact our e-safety officer in school, Mr Calton.


Click HERE to visit the Childnet website and explore some of the other links on this page in order to find help and advice for parents and carers. 

If you have any issues about web safety please contact Mr Calton who is the I.T.  Co-ordinator.

Cleveland Police have issued a booklet giving information regarding keeping children safe while using the internet. Click HERE to download the booklets.

Click here for 


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