Westgarth English Hub offers support to local schools, academies and free schools within Redcar & Cleveland; Hartlepool; Middlesbrough; Stockton and Sunderland local authorities to enable them to deliver effective early language development; systematic synthetic phonics provision; and the promotion of a love of reading.

Our English Hub has a Hub Lead and three Literacy Specialists and offers:

  • Open Events exploring effective teaching of phonics, early language development and the promotion of a love of reading;
  • Support to develop an action plan;
  • Funding for training and resources;
  • A full early reading audit in eligible schools;
  • Up to nine days of support from a Literacy Specialist over a two-year period, for eligible schools.


Hub Leads and Literacy Specialists receive training and ongoing support from the English Hubs Training Centre.

In the absence of face-to-face Open Events, we will be offering virtual events, which will include:

  • Information focusing on early language and vocabulary development; effective synthetic phonics provision; and creating a rich reading culture across school;
  • Opportunities to view videos of the delivery of phonics and vocabulary support at Westgarth;
  • An opportunity to discuss effective practice in the teaching of phonics and early reading;
  • Support to begin auditing and evaluating your own provision in order to develop an action plan;
  • Details of how to apply for Hub funding to develop your school’s effective teaching of phonics and early reading (up to £3,000 match funded of £6,000 unmatched, subject to specific criteria).


Westgarth Hub can offer outright funding to schools meeting at least two of the following criteria:

  • 2019 phonics below national average;
  • pupil premium above national average;
  • OFSTED grade of RI or below.


If your school meets the criteria above and you would like to improve the teaching of phonics, early reading and early language at your school:

  • Request a place at one of our online events – keep posted for the next webinar;
  • After the webinar event, submit a self-assessment of your school’s reading and phonics provision;
  • The Hub will then prioritise schools most at need and will make funding and audit offers.
  • After audits, the Hub will then identify schools who can receive intensive support – including up to £6000 of funding and up to 9 days of support in school over a two-year period from a nationally trained Literacy Specialist.