Reading Club for KS2 pupils takes place every Thursday after school in Mrs King's Year 3 classroom. Children read and discover new authors, they often write reviews and some are placed in the books for other children to find.

Hot Chocolate and biscuits are served during colder months.  During Summer weather permitting, the club relocates to the Storytelling Garden where fruit punch is served.

Some of our favourites

Favourite part of the book is when Izuku is fighting Musculor a villian who's muscle augmentation mydoras.  One for all a quick pass down from generation to generation.



I would definitely recommend this book because it is fun filled and a lovely tale. Discover Pipkin's adventure as he tries to find a million.  He discovers 10 fish, 1000 snowflakes, 100 Penguins and at the end he and his mam at home find 100 stars.

It is just a lovely book to read.

It is a great book it will get you thinking.  How big is a million? I would recommend this book because it will take you on a questioning, fun filled adventure in a different world.  Pipkin's Million is so big.


I would recommend this book to someone who likes comedy.  It is about a 10 year old girl, and a 10. thousand year old Mammoth.




It is about a fairy who likes to do talent shows.

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