School Meals


Dinner money is to be paid weekly or termly in advance; a charge forecast is available from the School office. Dinner money should be sent into School in an envelope clearly marked with your child's name. We prefer payment by cheque, for security reasons, made payable to Westgarth Primary School. 

Packed Lunches

Facilities are available for children to bring packed lunch. However, if you wish your child to do so we request that packed lunches be in a suitable container and that glass bottles are not brought into School. Sports bottles should have the dust caps removed before being brought to School.


We do have children in school with nut allergies that could result in them suffering from anaphylactic shock. It is, therefore, very important that children and staff do not bring nuts or nut products into school.  Your support with this is vital, and greatly appreciated.


Changes to meal arrangements should be requested in writing one week in

advance to the School office.

Sweets and chocolate should also not be included in lunch boxes.

The cost of a school meal is £2.15 per day and £10.75 per week.



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